DriverSHIELDS for Taxi and Private Hire Driver protection

The Problem

Statistics show that most attacks on drivers are from the rear. However, some are concerned that even with rear protection they remain exposed to possible attack from the front seat passenger. Reluctant to lose the opportunity of a front seat passenger fare they would rather take the risk. Does this sound familiar?

The Solution

DriverSHIELDS offer the option of a single shield with both SIDE and REAR protection so you can remain safe without hurting your income.

Alternatively the preference for MPV drivers may be a pair of shields overlapping in the centre. This prevents access between the front seats and creates a complete barrier between the front and rear compartments.

All of our shields are manufactured for front bucket type seats. Installation is simple and does not damage the car in any way.

 driverSHIELD can also be easily transferred from car to car.

Does it really work?

YES! Studies from the U.S. and Canada, where they have had problems of violence against drivers for many years, shows that drivers who installed shields similar to driverSHIELDS reported an 80 - 90% decrease in attacks.

The shields have been rigorously tested for passenger safety with excellent results.

View our animation demo here.


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