• Stylish, flexible and adaptable. Designed for protection and tested for safety. The most practical driver protection you can buy.
  • Made from high impact-resistant PETg or polycarbonate plastic.
  • Simple to install and with quick release fittings for easy transfer to another vehicle.
  • The tough clear PETg /polycarbonate from which our shields are made has been tested for stabbing by knife and will absorb 'hard body impact' without breaking.
  • The inertia resulting from a serious front impact on a vehicle could propel a rear seat occupant over the driver causing injury to both.  The intervention of a shield would limit the effects of inertia containing the occupant in the rear compartment.

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Why driverShieldsBecause they are the best designed protection to give comfort to the driver who does not wish to be looking over his shoulder!

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Double shield combination for community care and police.

Shield with side panel incorporating cash tray.


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